Side-hustle: Freelance Writing

Geet Sehgal | Actualcopy | Side Hustle

You can read this article to find out your true calling and if it is writing. This will help you decide whether a starting out as a freelance writer is a thing for you. In this article you'll find out that there are a few shared traits among the best of writers. If you've been writing you might've inculcated some of them.

If you've been fond of writing and have been looking for a way to improve and/or start out a career in freelance writing, there are a few resources here for you.

In this one you'll learn what exactly to write about ?

Geet Sehgal | Actualcopy | Side Hustle

You have the the topics now and you are thinking of writing about each one of them separately. But wait! Have you thought it through ?

The road ahead is full of turns, some may lead you astray.

You've come this long, you should now think about some equipment if you want to get started with the right intention. Here's a list of equipement you'll need to setup your freelance writing gig.