Product Idea

Product Idea

Fail safe reminders for distraction free living

Rich and poor alike!Languages no bar!


A small cube attached to a keyring that beeps loudly enough for the user to hear it and flashes the messages on a small screen. The attachment is not android based and does not connect to wifi or internet and just has one purpose. The purpose of such a device is to keep the user focussed on his everyday schedule pre-programmed in the device. There would be an additional 5-7 reminders that can be set by the user as per his requirements or needs. The device vibrates too but there are no setting what-so-ever to change of that stuff even if the user wanted it to. The device is inexpensive and runs on watch batteries. There are a number of attachments to accompany this device as per the suiting or styling by the user.


Children - The students class schedules and after school activities and club schedules can be pre-programmed in this device to keep the student following the set routine without any distractions.

Adults - The constant noise and distractions around us can be limited to a large extent by priming our focus with such a device. The reminders are to keep a person on top of his daily and urgent tasks/work/job/requirements whatever you want to call it.

Athletes - Such an inexpensive device will not leave any stone unturned to make the person act on each and every beep. Any sportsman would not only draw value from it but would want it to be made mandatory for his team mates as well.

Corporate staff - The schedules can be flexible and some sort of programming flexibility can be provided to big corporates to keep their staff and member functioning efficiently.

The applications are limitless and there can not be a better way to make the best out of your today!


Operating System - Symbian OS

Programming Knowledge

Product Design ( I have some Idea)

Importance of schedules or routines for productivity, efficiency and effectiveness