Common Service Center CSC in Model Town

Business to citizen (B2C) services

Common services center in our country has played yet another pivitol role in delivering utility services to the masses. E Hubb utility services in Model Town makes it possible for common masses to avail various business government services from our center through a single government approved delivery system.

In the year 2015 when the scheme was updated and launched again, it made its focus on the providing utility services from a universal technology platform. One of the key concentrations for the CSC 2.0 scheme is to enable citizens to access and avail government provided business services with ease. Drop by at E Hubb utility service center to find and avail any of the following business to citizen (B2C) services quickly.

The complete list of business to citizen (B2C) services available at E Hubb CSC Model Town are below:

✅ VLE Bazaar

Village level entreprenuers (VLE's) are operating at the grass roots level to provide basic services to those who may find it difficult to access them. These services include almost all services from bill payment to FastTag toll payments that would save villagers time and resources if only everyone is well informed about them. The VLE bazaar is one such initiative supported by Digital India to make Indians more reliant on technology in day to day use. It is an e-commerce initiative for citizens to buy affordable goods and services right from their phone or laptop. They may as well find the nearest CSC center to order items and later get them delivered to their doorstep.

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✅ Agriculture

Agriculture services for farmers and farm owners alike are now possible from a computer. The weather conditions favourable to the growth of your crop to the temprament of the soil can all be tracked and monitored with little to no help from your nearest Common Service Center. Agriculture services include the registration for farmers for regulation and maintainance of their land and crop. Common Service Center can also be your one stop destination to find the latest crop rates and pricing fluctuations in the market. The farmer selling crop in the markets can be benifited from various other services available to him at E Hubb CSC center in Model Town.

Additional Services

✅ Bill Payments

Along with services for framers and Micro, small and medium businesses, E Hubb Model Town makes it easier for you to get your everyday bills paid from our outlet. The bills include subscriptions, electricity, water etc. Many of such bills can be paid from ones own mobile phones and laptops but in a scenario when the work becomes unamanageable E Hubb can help you get your payments streamlined without a worry. Drop down to our shop and let us know just how can we be of service. The bill payments can be accepted with cheques, cash or from bank transfers, cash being the most convinient and less time taking option for all.

Death Certificate

Along with services for citizens and businesses, small or large, E Hubb Model Town makes it easier for you to apply for a death certificate after cremation is commenced. The legacy certificate can be applied via the online portal made available to Indian Citizens. Many of such services can be commenced via mobile phones and laptops but in an immensely difficult ordeal, we at E Hubb can help you get you the death certificate of the deceased by applying online. Drop down to our shop to let us know just how can we be of service. The payments can be accepted online, cash or from bank transfers.