Property Tax Extension Notice

NDMC Extension Notification- last date to file property tax in Model Town is now 16th August 2021!

Originally Published on 30 June 2021 E HUBB CSC Model Town III

Written by Geet Sehgal

Do you reside in Delhi and probably tensed to miss the deadline for filing property tax this year. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has extended the last date for filing property tax till August 16th 2021 along with 15% digital rebate and 3% rebate for corona vaccination certificate.

Earlier, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) announced to a similar effect the last date of payment extension to avail 15% rebate.

In view of the hardships and circumstances surrounding Covid 19, the municipal corporation started receiving many requests from tax payers and Common Service Center all across Delhi out of which 1.25 Crore residents have already made the payment from their nearest Common Service Center (CSC). It was much required to remedy the situation so arising.

To know the impact of the reform better, let's find out a little about property taxes in Delhi

Why is property tax in North Delhi levied?

Who all are required to pay taxes on property?

It is said to be the responsibility of municipal authorities and other such governing bodies to maintain basic civic services in any location. In order to fulfil the same, taxes on properties are levied and are one of the chief sources of revenue for local bodies and municipal authorities.

North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) MCD has recently declared an extension for the last date of fililng your property tax. The announcement was make public on 30th June 2021.

Likewise, the collection and delegation of taxes gets delegated to municipal corporations in the state and the property owners of the state are expected to pay their property taxes to Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The property tax is levied on all property types including vacant land. The tax is calculated by any of the three methods: Annual Rental Value, Capital Value System and Unit Area System. In any calculation, the tax will differ depending on the type of property such as residential property, rented residential property, commercial property or industrial property.

How is the MCD property tax calculated ?

The comupation of property tax of any kind can be assessed by multiplying the annual value of property with the rate of tax for it.

Annual Value = Unit Area Value Per. Sq. Meter. x Covered Area of Property x Age Factor x Structure Factor x Usage Factor x Occupancy Factor x Flat Factor

What is the best time to pay your property tax

The entire amount must be paid once every year before the financial year closes (before June 30). The tax payer will then be able to demand a rebate of 15% from the nearest Common Service Center (CSC).

Penalty for late payment of property tax: Delay in the payment of property tax will attract 1% interest on the total amount for every month till the payment is made.

How should you pay your property tax?

Tax payments may be self made either by online or offline mode. The payments can also be made from the common service center (CSC) nearest to you.

Online Mode

To pay your taxes online you must carry the property ID alloted to the property available in the receipts from the previous years. The online portal available with the CSC (Common Service Center) near you will help you provide detail of your property tax arrears and/or penalties. The late fee and interest amounts can also be calculated in our portal.

Offline Mode

To pay your taxes offline you must either visit to the nearest CSC (Common Service Center) or an ITZ cash counter. At the counter an instant receipt is generating evidencing the receipt of payment. The receipt contains all the necessary details about the property along with property tax ID.

You are exempted from paying the tax if

The building or land is being used as a place for worship, as a place for worship or cremation, as a heritage land or building, occupied and used by any society or body for charitable purposes.


Agricultural land or building not used as property houses


Builind or land is occupied by the corporation for which property tax is applicable by such corporation


Property owned by war widow or gallantry award winner being used for residence and not leasing or renting


Property of a police or paramilitary martyr


Owned by North MCD employee handicap (fully) or on duty


Property of winner in international games